Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft to buy Skype for 7+ Billion

Here’s an interesting move by Microsoft: the usual “people familiar with the matter” are stating that the software gargantuan is nearing a deal that would end up costing them more than 7 billion USD, but would get them one of the most ubiquitous VoIP solutions available: Skype.
Negotiations were supposedly just wrapping up on Monday, and that an official announcement could be made as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). However, the same “familiar” people cautioned that the deal could still fall through.
The Wall Street Journal sees the move as giving Microsoft a positive, stable presence in the future of the internet:
Buying Skype would give Microsoft a recognized brand name on the Internet at a time when it is struggling to get more traction in the consumer market.
With the story still developing, it seems as if an announcement could be made at any time in the near future.


[WSJ & iPTF]

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