Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google Music Beta

Google has released their cloud-based music service for Android dubbed "Google Music". Google Music is very similar to Amazon's Cloud Player in that users can upload their media to Google using Google's music managing sync application. (Which is able to connect to your iTunes libraries) Once uploaded, music can be listened to over the air via Google's webapp or an Android device, this is convenient (Especially for older Android devices with little internal storage) because no local storage is required; all your music will be held on Google's servers. Fortunately, Google's music player stores cached copies of recent songs in the even that you lose your connection while listening to your music. Another great feature is that users can manually select songs and albums to be downloaded to their device for offline listening. Another cool feature is the "Instant Mix" that allows for iTunes' Genius-like music mixing.

Playlists are automatically synced across all platforms so no wires are needed. At the moment there is no iOS app, but Apple should be releasing their streaming service sometime soon. But with both Amazon and Google's cloud-based music services, Apple needs to get a move on it to keep up.


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