Saturday, November 23, 2013

First Official iOS Controller MOGA is Met With Poor Reviews

iOS 7 Included a neat little feature: API support for game controllers. This means that developers can create standardized controllers that aren't tied down to one game manufacturer.
The MOGA ACE controller is the first of its kind to make use of Apple's new API to enable more engaging and precise gaming on 5th generation non-iPad iOS devices.
Unfortunately, the MOGA has been critically reviewed as a great device concept with lots of potential, but poorly executed. Some problems arise not from the hardware itself, but from games not being fully optimized to work with the controller API. Dead Trigger 2 is an example, where the default sensitivity settings are set astronomically high.
Hit the link for the full review by TouchArcade.


Apple vs. Samsung - Apple gets $290m in damages

Another jury found that Samsung violated various patents that belong to Apple, according to reporters on scene.
Since most of the evidence presented was exactly the same as last year, where the jury again sided with Apple, the verdict isn't particularly surprising. However this time the jury only demanded $290 million, less than Apple advised but far more than Samsung said they owed.
With this recent development in the ongoing Apple vs. Samsung the jury has ruled in favor of Apple once again thus bringing the total damages owed by Samsung up to $890 million. But considering the nature of the legal process things may change.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's been a while

Hey guys, as you've noticed it's been quite an awfully long time since I last updated this blog. School, finals, events, and other such nonsense have been keeping me away from here. For the most part this blog has been a sort of second-hand news site, I'm not in a place where I can attend any tech event or something of the like so I've just been relaying what I've read and heard from elsewhere. I'll probably keep doing this, relaying news and dropping my opinions and thoughts along with them, but I'm really interested in hearing what you all would like to see more out of in this blog. Let me know in the comments or in an email, thanks!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Silver look in iOS6?

Read the full story at iDownloadBlog

LG Tops Apple's Retina Display with a 440ppi Screen

Apple revolutionize the smartphone industry almost two years ago with their ultra sharp Retina display on the iPhone 4. Boasting a 960x640 resolution and a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, the Retina display has been the top display on the market since its inception.

But LG will soon top that beloved display with a new 5" 1920x1080 full HD screen that boasts an impressive 440ppi. LG has long been Apple's supplier for the retina display, ironically, and this new display could easily be the Retina's successor.

So far, most iPhone competitors have managed to carry "higher resolution" displays simply because of a larger screen. Therefore the pixel density was nowhere near on par with the Retina display. But LG's upcoming 5" display has nearly the same resolution as the recent 24" iMac models, setting the record for the highest resolution screen to ever be created.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Popular Cydia hack AdBlocker free until May 2nd

Cydia hack developer Yllier announced on Twitter that his popular hack AdBlocker would be free until May 2nd 12pm (GMT).

AdBlocker is a popular tweak that, as its name implies, blocks most ads in Safari and other iOS applications. Head on over to Cydia and get your free copy!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

iPad 3 to be Announced on March 7th

Apple has just sent out an invites to journalists for a “media event” that will take place March 7th at 10:00 AM at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, which is the usual place that Apple holds their events. As you probably already know, Apple typically announces a new generation of their tablet, the iPad, about this time of the year. It was reported byiMore that Apple would announce the next-generation iPad 3 on March 7th and that the device would include a quad-core processor, LTE capability, a Retina display, and more.

Additionally, Bloomberg reported that production of the tablet had begun back in January of this year and that it would be releasing in March. The business blog also reported that the device would include a “high definition” display with LTE capability and a quad-core processor, which agrees with the rest of the reports that have been flowing in. Other reports have claimed that the tablet will include a larger battery, an 8-megapixel camera capable of capturing 1080p video, and a slightly different form factor.

Friday, February 3, 2012

15 Awesome Free Icon Sets

We all love free things, especially if they're really nice or worth something. Here's a list of our 15 favorite free icon sets that you designers and developers will love.

Please pay attention to the licenses for eat set!

A set of unique, grunge-style icons.

A Mac-esqe set of icons that resemble those found in the OS X operating systems.

A set of 69 tasteful, gloss-free RSS based icons.

A group of simple, white icons that resemble those found in the OS X menu bar.

A professional set of icons with a rounded style.

This is an incredibly popular resource that is designed and optimized for use on toolbars and tab bars in iPhone/Android apps, websites, and more.

128 unique and minimal icons available in both light and dark variants.

A fun and elegant set of icons that mimic iPhone applications.

Potentially the nicest set of social media icons. Includes icons to 40 social applications.

Vector-built icons built according to the Android UI guidelines.

A small set of icons that are perfect for any Rails project.

A wonderful set of hand-drawn icons.

A set of icons that are free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

Another set of hand-drawn icons with a unique style.

A fun, colorful set of 20 icons for popular (and not so popular) websites.

The End.

The Ultimate Free Web Designer's Icon Set

The folks over at Smashing Magazine have composed a set of 750 free icons with their .psd sources. The original post is a bit old but this is still a great resource for web designers and developers in the need of thumbnails. LINK

The set consists of web application icons, user interface icons, e-commerce icons, general use icons, desktop icons, blog icons, smiley icons, button icons, keyboard icons, national flags icons, popular online services icons and many others.

[Smashing Magazine]

Thursday, February 2, 2012

RAGE comes to the Mac

On Thursday, Aspyr Media announced the release of RAGE: Campaign Edition, the Mac version of the popular RAGE videogame. This game costs $39.99 and can be bought through the Mac App Store as well as other 3rd parties, including Aspyr's GameAgent.

RAGE®: Campaign Edition™ features the full, unaltered RAGE single-player campaign, bonus equipment formerly exclusive to the Anarchy Edition, including Double Barrel Shotgun, Rat Rod Buggy, Fists of RAGE, and Crimson Elite Armor, and access to the bonus Wasteland Sewers Missions which feature additional mutant blasting gameplay and looting opportunities. 

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