Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to make a "Terrorist Bomb" WiFi USB heatsink

As you all know, I built a heatsink for my modded Nintendo WiFi USB Connector (Want to make one? Go HERE) I got a few emails after posting that asking me for the instructions on how to build one. So for those of you that were interested, here you go:

Materials Needed:
A 2" 3-Pin 12v CPU fan
Duct Tape
A 9v battery
Modded Nintendo WiFi USB Connector (Make one HERE)
USB cable (Preferably the one that came with the USB connector)
An empty 7.06oz tetramin fish-food can
Drill Press (Or some other tool for making holes in the fish-food can)
How to make it:
1: Take all the labels off of the fish-food can
2. Punch a hole in the bottom of the fish-food can (Make sure that you can fit the USB calbe through it)
3. Drill holes around the bottom part of the can (There is no size/quantity limit)
4. Run the USB cable up through the bottom of the can, plug the WiFi USB Connector into it
5. Take the white cable off of the CPU fan
6. Tape the fan to the top of the fish-food can (So that the air blows down into the can)
7. Tape the 9v battery to the side of the can
8. Run the red wire to the negative contact & the black wire to the positive contact
9. Tape the excess wires down so they don't get in the way
10. Enjoy!

Make sure that you taped the wires down so they can be un-taped when not in use, otherwise you will run your battery dry.

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