Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's New From Android?

Samsung is holding a Google flavored event on October 11th with the tagline “What’s new from Android?“. This is right around the time we expect the Nexus Prime/Ice Cream Sandwich combo to be released, so it’s only fitting to assume that the event will revolve around the next major Android update. The specs of the Prime are unknown, but if history tells us anything, it’s that Google won’t hold back in the hardware department. 4.5″+ screens and dual core processors are now standard on high-end Android devices, and we’re sure that the Prime will be able to keep up with anything that’s currently available.

Ice Cream Sandwich will merge Gingerbread and the tablet-optimized Honeycomb into one single OS capable of running on all form factors. Android has a major issue with fragmentation, and ICS should unify the experience and bring Android’s UI up to par with iOS.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Google SIM Cards Found in Spain?

Google-branded SIM cards have been found in testing with Nexus S devices in Spain, fitting with previous rumors of a Google-based cell service. Google currently offers VoIP calling and free texting through their Voice service, but expanding to a full-fledged carrier would be a major update. Currently Google is testing their own ultra-high speed fiber internet service in Kansas City, and is working on offering that same service in other parts of the country.

Google to Purchase T-Mobile?

A friend of mine who works for T-mobile tipped me off to the fact that Google was considering buying T-Mobile. Honestly I'm not surprised, think about it: Google owns the Android OS, and they recently just bought Motorola Mobility. With T-Mobile under their belt they would have complete control of the OS, the phone, and the service.

While this seems like an excellent idea, I'm not entirely sure how this would work out with AT&T purchasing T-Mobile...

I'll keep you guys updated as I find out more.

"Let's Talk iPhone" Event Scheduled for October 4th

As first noted by The Loop, Apple has invited press members to their fall iPhone event which will take place on Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2011 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. The event itself will be held in Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium on their Cupertino campus.

The tagline of the invite is “let’s talk iPhone,” which is unsurprising considering the countless iPhone 5 rumors that have sprouted recently. It’s also very possible that iOS 5 will be shown off alongside the new iPhone, so keep your eyes and ears open on the fourth of October.

[The Loop]

Amazon Announces Kindle Fire

Today at Amazon’s tablet event, the company announced a great new line of Kindles that now fit the financial needs of all. The lowest model is now only $79.99 and it includes 2GB of storage for up to 1,400 books while lasting a whole month before needing to be recharged. Next up there’s the

The Android-based Kindle Fire packs a dual-core processor, 8GB of storage, 7-inch vibrant IPS screen, and up to 8 hours of battery life. It’s available for pre-order today and the amazing price of $199. It looks like the iPad really has a budget competitor now.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HTC Considering Buying webOS

Cher Wang, chairwoman of the handset maker HTC has publicly announced HTC's interest in buying the webOS operating system HP following the latter company's decision to discontinue the manufacturing of webOS hardware. Wang believes that HTC's distinctiveness will allow to make unique products on different OSes. Keep in mind that HTC still hasn't had serious negotiations with HP yet.

“We have given it thought and we have discussed it internally, but we will not do it on impulse,” Wang said in an interview with the Economic Observer of China. “We can use any OS we want. We are able to make things different from our rivals on the second or third layer of a platform. Our strength lies in understanding an OS, but it does not mean that we have to produce an OS.”

Microsoft to Release Windows 8 Developer Preview Today

According to the official "Building Windows 8" blog, Microsoft will be releasing a developer preview of Windows 8 "later tonight". The OS preview will be available in both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) builds, bundled with dev tools and a demo application suite. Upgrading from Windows 7 unfortunately isn't supported, so you'll have to do a clean install. The blog stresses that this is only a developer preview, rather than a beta release.

You probably want to try out the preview release—and you can. Starting later tonight you can download the Windows 8 Developer Preview. This includes a 64-bit (x64) build with development tools to build apps, and a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) build without development tools. The releases also include a suite of sample applications (please note these are merely illustrations of potential apps, not apps that we intend to ship with Windows 8). The ISOs are linked to from
[Building Windows 8]

Monday, September 5, 2011

$250 Kindle Tablet

One of TechCrunch's editors has gotten a peek at Amazon's upcoming Android tablet. According to his report, the device is a full color variant of the Kindle running a heavily modified (and orange) version of Android to run on the device, making it incredibly similar to the Nook Color. Amazon has chosen to limit the internal storage of the device to only 6GB, so it would appear that they will be pushing their cloud services to users.

In addition to all this, Amazon plans to give customers a free subscription to Prime, Amazon's premium service that includes access to movies, tv shows, an free 2-day shipping on most products.

Amazon plans to release a 10" version if the tablet is a success, and for only $250 the device is sure to sell like crazy.

iPhone 5 to Launch in First Week of October

An internal document from Best Buy recently leaked onto the internet points the launch date of the iPhone 5 to be within the first week of October. The memo states that pre-orders of the new iPhone will be taken during the first week of next month.

In addition, Best Buy suggests that the 5th-gen iPhone will also be coming to Sprint. While these launch dates are always subject to change, they are consistent with several iPhone 5 rumors that have come about these past few months.


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