Thursday, April 22, 2010

Android on iPhone

A member of the iPhone Dev Team (the hackers who jailbreak the iPad and iPhone) has successfully installed Google’s Android OS on an iPhone. It’s an early version of the hack, so it’s a little buggy, but it’s definitely working as you can see in the video below. Currently, it only runs on the original iPhone but it’s just a matter of time before it’s running on the 3G and 3Gs.

Oh, and did we mention that you can dual boot the iPhone OS and Android? You can! That means you’ll be able to use all of the 38,000 Android apps (some of which are banned from the iPhone) as well as your old iPhone apps.

Monday, April 19, 2010

BREAKING: iPhone 4g Pics

You know all those supposedly leaked photos we’ve seen in the last few days? Yeah, well it turns out this is a real Apple unit, sporting a front-facing camera, better battery, micro-sim, and an entirely new design. Gizmodo seems to have gotten some hands-on time with it and they have posted a gallery.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

iPhone 4.0 OS Features

Some of the new features in the 4.0 iPhone OS are:
  • Multitasking (Double-Tap home button, you can run up to 4 apps simultaneously)
  • BlueTooth Keyboard
  • 5X Digital Zoom
  • Change Homescreen wallpaper
  • SMS Reminders
  • Sync IMAP Notes
  • Tap-to-Focus Video
  • Web Search Suggestions
  • Find & Delete Mail Search
  • Larger Fonts for Mail
  • Wake on Wireless
  • Changeable image size in mail messages
  • Background Audio
  • VoIP (AT&T is going to hate Skype)
  • Background location
  • Local Notifications
  • Faster App Switching
  • Folders*
  • Enhanced Mail Application
  • Can have 2,160 apps installed instead of 180
  • iBooks for the iPhone (With Free Winnie The Pooh)
  • In-App encryption
  • Game Centre
  • MultiPlayer Matchmaking & Invite Friends Option
  • iAd
  • HTML5
Incompatible with 1st gen iDevices, 2nd gen will have limited features.

Woah, they even changed some of the icons for the default apps.

Pandora radio is now fully background-aware so you can exit the app and still listen to music!

Multitask with 4 different apps at once! Amazing

Skype behaves just like your standard calling in the new OS! Same style notifications too (Note: You can also receive skype calls when your phone is locked) You can also exit the app and run another one, just like standard calling.

The enhanced mail application has a unified inbox & better searching

*Folders is just like categories for those of you that have jailbroken your iPhone/iPod Touch
NOTE: iPod Touch users still have to pay, free for iPhone users

iPhone 4.0 OS SDK

iPhone 4.0 OS SDK will ship later this summer.

Some features:
  • In-app SMS
  • Date Formatters
  • Automated Testing
  • Performance Profiling Tools
  • Carrier Info
  • ICC Profiles
  • Quick Look
  • Draggable Map Annotations
  • Embed PDF Metadata
  • Image I/O
  • Full Map Overlays
  • Block-Based Animation
  • Date Formatters
  • iPod Remote Control Accessories
  • Power Analysis Tools
  • Half-Curl Page Transitions
  • And More!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iPhone 4G Concept

Windows 7 on iPad

Imagine you’ve traveled to another universe for a moment where Apple and Windows have switched roles entirely. The result? Windows 7 on the iPad. Using the same methods we showed you for running Mac OSx on the iPad, this user utilized a VNC desktop-sharing client which allows him to control a Windows 7 computer using the iPad. A neat trick for now, but perhaps we’ll see it for real when the iPad is hacked.

Mac OSx on iPad (With Flash!)

Well…sort of. It’s actually an app called Desktop Connect which allows you to connect via VNC to share another computer’s desktop. A perfect shortcut for those who would rather have seen OSX on the iPad instead of a variation of the iPhone OS and don’t want to wait until it’s hacked.

It’s really easy to setup and you pull up an onscreen keyboard as well. It’s not perfect though. It’s pretty difficult to use an OS made for precision mouse clicking and attempt to control it using your large, stubby fingers. More iPad hacks to come! – subscribe so you don’t miss out.

Monday, April 5, 2010

iPhone 4.0 OS Update Confirmed

On April 8th (That's 3 days from now) Apple will be unveiling their 4.0 OS for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It's amazing to see thing just so soon after the iPad's launch, but hey, we're not complaining.

More details will be posted here shortly

Apple iPad Jailbroken

The iPhone Dev Team is at it again. Using the same methods which allowed them to jailbreak the iPhone, these hackers were able to jailbreak the iPad within a day of its launch. The exploit known as “spirit” allowed root access into the iPad’s OS and file system.

The video shows that the jailbreak provides a root shell with what appears to be full access to the iPad file system. The video walks shows connection to the iPad via ssh, exploration of the OS and kernel version information, a view of running processes, moving applications out of the iPad’s applications directory (and then restarting Springboard via the shell to show the results) and finally, rebooting the iPad via the jailbroken root shell.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chances You'll Drop Your iPad

Remember: Flowcharts never lie

Hyundai puts Equus Owners Manual on iPad

Hyundai isn't a name most buyers instantly associate with luxury or higher-end hardware, though those in the know put the Genesis and its new big brother on par with Lexus' best offerings--at a bargain price. And to sweeten the deal, the 2011 Hyundai Equus--the new flagship sedan--gets a "tablet computer" app (unofficially confirmed as an Apple iPad) for an owner's manual, and a free iPad to read it on.

The WiFi-enabled iPad is also used to schedule service appointments and keep track of the car's history. It's a taste of the future, integrating technology into the car in a new and more involving way.

That's not the only way Hyundai leverages technology to make the Equus unique, though: a lane departure warning system uses haptic technology to warn the driver through the seatbelt in addition to a chime and warning light. Smartcruise control enables easy long-distance driving, while stability control, vehicle stability management and a full array of nine airbags enhance safety.

The car itself is Hyundai's first foray into full-size luxury sedans for the U.S., powered by a 4.6-liter Tau V-8 engine rated at 385 horsepower on premium fuel and 378 horsepower on regular unleaded. It's a rear-drive only vehicle, so those needing all-weather duty might need to look elsewhere, but it'll have driving dynamics that front-drive alternatives don't.

A six-speed automatic transmission with manual-shift mode delivers the power to the rear, jetting the big sedan to 60 mph in under 6.4 seconds. Hyundai is comparing the car to the Lexus LS460, Mercedes-BenzS550 and the Audi A8 on the numbers.

Leather and Alcantara interior upholstery complement real wood trim and a full array of heated, electronically adjustable and massaging interior components. An electronically-controlled air suspension levels the ride and softens the road no matter if the car is loaded with passengers or on a solo commute.

High-tech components also play into the entertainment system: a 17-speaker, 608-watt 7.1-channel surround sound system with HD Radio, XM Satellite Radio and iPod/USB inputs all available.

The best part for the family that's not looking to take out a second mortgage to buy a new luxury sedan: the Equus will launch later this summer under $50,000. For more on the Equus, check out our first drive report here.


Slashdot April Fool’s Day Page

Slashdot has a pretty cool April Fool’s Day page setup

Check it Out

Overpriced HDMI Cables

Fun Google Maps Locations

Throughout our travels on Google Maps we have come across a black hole and a picture of a spaceship. It’s amazing what Google knows…

Black Hole | Spaceship

Google, Now in 3D

Google Maps has added a new feature in Street View, 3D Street View. Unfortunately, since I have lost my 3D glasses I will not be able to test the new street view for a while.

But on top of all that, Google books also has a 3D option. Reading in 3D? I honestly don’t know if I could stand that…

Comment and let us know how they work!

Google now Topeka?

Broadband Plan

Sick of slow Internet connections? The federal government hears you.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Monday unveiled some details of its broadband plan, which aims to speed up Web connections and make high-speed Internet available to more Americans.

The commission plans to use educational programs and an expansion of broadband Internet infrastructure to give 90 percent of Americans high-speed Internet access at home by 2020.

Currently, only 65 percent of Americans have high-speed Internet access at home, which the FCC says is a detriment to economic growth. The proposal will make the U.S. "the world's largest market of high-speed broadband users" and will create jobs, the FCC says in a news release.

The plan would also lower health care costs and improve home energy efficiency by making information available digitally, the FCC says.

Other details of the plan remain unclear. The FCC will release its entire proposal at a meeting Tuesday.

The FCC also wants to speed up overall connections, which are often criticized as slow by global standards.

Its goal is to give 100 million households access to Internet connections that transfer 100 megabits of data per second.

The average U.S. Internet speed today is much slower -- only 3.9 megabits per second, according to the Internet monitor Akamai.

The U.S. has only the 18th fastest Internet connections in the world, behind countries like South Korea, which leads the world with 14.6 megabit-per-second data transfer rates, Akamai says.

Each community in America also will get access to at least one "ultra-high-speed" connection at a library, school or military base. Those connections will reach speeds of 1 gigabit per second, the FCC said in the news release.

The country's broadband plan was required as part of President Obama's 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which allocated $7.2 billion to broadband-related initiatives.

The FCC's upcoming broadband plan will be "revenue neutral," according to an executive summary of the plan released Monday. The FCC will auction off 500 megahertz of spectrum to pay for some expenses, such as extending broadband networks to rural areas.

Other programs will be paid for with improved efficiencies, the FCC said.

The plan has been delayed, and it is criticized by some as doing too little.

Speaking at South by Southwest Interactive, a technology conference in Austin, Texas, Derek Turner, the research director for the nonprofit group Free Press, said the broadband plan does not do enough to reduce the cost of high-speed Internet connections, which he said is the biggest barrier to adoption.

Still, he said, he is hopeful that the federal government can address the issue.

"I'm actually very hopeful for some positive outcomes," he said at the conference, "because I've seen stranger things happen in Washington."

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski framed the plan as a boost for the economy.

"The National Broadband Plan is a 21st century roadmap to spur economic growth and investment, create jobs, educate our children, protect our citizens, and engage in our democracy," he said in an FCC news release.

"It's an action plan, and action is necessary to meet the challenges of global competitiveness, and harness the power of broadband to help address so many vital national issues."

The plan places some emphasis on the mobile Internet and indicates that the U.S. wants to be a leader in that emerging space.

via CNN

Man Arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future

A would-be saboteur arrested today at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland made the bizarre claim that he was from the future. Eloi Cole, a strangely dressed young man, said that he had travelled back in time to prevent the LHC from destroying the world.

The LHC successfully collided particles at record force earlier this week, a milestone Mr Cole was attempting to disrupt by stopping supplies of Mountain Dew to the experiment's vending machines. He also claimed responsibility for the infamous baguette sabotage in November last year.

Mr Cole was seized by Swiss police after CERN security guards spotted him rooting around in bins. He explained that he was looking for fuel for his 'time machine power unit', a device that resembled a kitchen blender.

Police said Mr Cole, who was wearing a bow tie and rather too much tweed for his age, would not reveal his country of origin. "Countries do not exist where I am from. The discovery of the Higgs boson led to limitless power, the elimination of poverty and Kit-Kats for everyone. It is a communist chocolate hellhole and I'm here to stop it ever happening."

This isn't the first time time-travel has been blamed for mishaps at the LHC. Last year, the Japanese physicist Masao Ninomiya and Danish string-theory pioneer Holger Bech Nielsen put forward the hypothesis that the Higgs boson was so "abhorrent" that it somehow caused a ripple in time that prevented its own discovery.

Professor Brian Cox, a former CERN physicist and full-time rock'n'roll TV scientist, was sympathetic to Mr Cole. "Bless him, he sounds harmless enough. At least he didn't mention bloody black holes."

Mr Cole was taken to a secure mental health facility in Geneva but later disappeared from his cell. Police are baffled, but not that bothered.


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