Saturday, November 23, 2013

First Official iOS Controller MOGA is Met With Poor Reviews

iOS 7 Included a neat little feature: API support for game controllers. This means that developers can create standardized controllers that aren't tied down to one game manufacturer.
The MOGA ACE controller is the first of its kind to make use of Apple's new API to enable more engaging and precise gaming on 5th generation non-iPad iOS devices.
Unfortunately, the MOGA has been critically reviewed as a great device concept with lots of potential, but poorly executed. Some problems arise not from the hardware itself, but from games not being fully optimized to work with the controller API. Dead Trigger 2 is an example, where the default sensitivity settings are set astronomically high.
Hit the link for the full review by TouchArcade.


Apple vs. Samsung - Apple gets $290m in damages

Another jury found that Samsung violated various patents that belong to Apple, according to reporters on scene.
Since most of the evidence presented was exactly the same as last year, where the jury again sided with Apple, the verdict isn't particularly surprising. However this time the jury only demanded $290 million, less than Apple advised but far more than Samsung said they owed.
With this recent development in the ongoing Apple vs. Samsung the jury has ruled in favor of Apple once again thus bringing the total damages owed by Samsung up to $890 million. But considering the nature of the legal process things may change.


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