Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Macs on October 9th?

Here comes another rumour from the mill of fun. TUAW is reporting that they have received tips from site users that new iMac’s and Mac Minis are due for a hardware refresh as early as October 9th.

This follows the report from AppleInsider a few days ago which they stated that Mac supplies were short in retail shops.

TUAW says:
A tipster ordered a mini on September 18th, received shipping information but today… they received an email saying that their Mac mini order will ship on October 9th.
Will these latest rumours amount to anything decent? Hopefully not a minor speed bump and a SD card slot. But hopefully a new feature such as Blu-ray.

No doubt more rumours will come any day now saying the same thing. Could there be a apple event in the works?

Source: TUAW

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