Monday, September 21, 2009

New iPod Touch 3g Features

Now that the rest of the world has stopped crying about the new iPod Touch not having a camera, there is some good news:

  • The third generation iPod Touch has a better screen. When you play videos or surf the Internet, you will notice that the colors are crisper and the screen doesn't wash out as much.
  • The 3rd gen iPod Touch has a faster processor, 50% faster than the previous 1st & 2nd generation processors to be exact.
  • iPod Touches are now cheaper, the 8gb model is only $199, 32gb is $299, and 64gb is $399. It seems that Apple has decided to drop the 16gb model. (I don't understand why, I personally would have dropped the 8gb model myself)
Not much in the new iPod Touch, but still an upgrade

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