Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spotify coming to the US on Thursday

Spotify has announced that they will finally be bringing their streaming music service to the states tomorrow, July 14th. Invitations are available from Spotify, but there is no word on how quickly they will roll out the service to new users. The European version has 3 tiers of service, ranging from a free, ad supported model, to a premium option with offline mode and mobile streaming (£9.99/month). We expect stateside features to be the same, though it’s possible that some music will not be available due to licensing issues—which have been the bane of Spotify’s U.S. existence.

The service is very highly regarded across the pond, so it will be interesting to see how Americans respond. Streaming music radio sites like Pandora and are popular, but Spotify has a familiar iTunes-like desktop client, and is able to stream specific songs and integrate with existing libraries.

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