Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black Macbook Air?

According to various tipsters, Apple may start offering black MacBook Airs with the coming refresh. Up until the transition to a unibody design, Apple offered black polycarbonate MacBooks, but has since discontinued the option. After Apple bought out Liquidmetal, many users speculated that future products would be a darker shade of grey (Liquidmetal’s natural color), but today’s rumors suggest that the MacBooks would be anodized black. The black option would be available only on the top-end Air model, similar to the original MacBook. 
The date of the MacBooks Air refresh has been all over the place, but the most recent reports indicate that Apple is holding off until the release of OS X Lion sometime next month. Obviously, this would reduce the hassle for early adopters, and could be an additional selling point in advertisements and promotions. In addition to the possible new color, the updated Airs will supposedly feature a more powerful Intel Sandy Bridge processor and the Thunderbolt I/O seen on the latest Macs.

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