Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Next-gen iPod Touch photos leaked

Once again, an iDevice prototype has been leaked. This time, an iPod touch – with a camera. It’s not known how it was acquired, but it’s clear that Apple needs to do something about all these leaks.

Tinh Tế, to whom we owe thanks for the second iPhone 4G leak, have gotten hold of a prototype next-generation iPod touch, now sporting the long-awaited camera.

The serial number of the Camera part indicates 2.0 megapixels, but this could easily change as newer models are developed. Running a diagnostic mode, no internal specs are known as of yet.

It’s fairly safe to say that we’ll be seeing Camera-equipped iPod touches in the near future! As before, we’ve got a video in action, and more images after the jump.

The back, showing some hardware details.

The back, showing some hardware details.

via iPodTouchFans

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