Monday, March 22, 2010

Windows 7 Tip

Yesterday I was searching for the Run button on the start menu (I use Windows 7) but it wasn't there. Confused, I searched for it under the programs menu and I found it; but I still wondered if I could have it back on my Start menu.

I did some exploring on my start menu's properties and I found the option where you can put the Run button back on the start bar. I will show you how in the next few steps:

1- Right click the start button
2- Click "Properties"
3- On the "Start Menu" tab click the "Customize" button
4- A list will pop up on the screen
5- Towards the bottom of the list there will be a checkbox to put the Run command onto your start menu. Check the box

Note: This guide applies to Windows 7, I do not know how well this works with other Windows OSes.

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