Monday, December 7, 2009

[Reader Article] 7 Dependable Free Software To Protect Laptops

7 Dependable Free Software To Protect Laptops

Good security does not necessarily cost you money. Here are 7 easy to use, dependable and free software that will help keep your laptop and its contents safe.

1. Encryption. TrueCrypt is a trustworthy encryption program.

2. Backup. Cobin Backup is reliable backup software. A more user friendly alternative is Mozy, which is an online based backup software.

3. Antivirus. AVG free edition provides protection againt viruses, spyware and other A light weight alternative is Avira free edition.

4. Firewall. Windows firewall (built-in) is easy to use and does decent job.

5. Tracking. Prey is open source laptop tracking software designed to track stolen

6. Alarm. LAlarm is like a car alarm for your laptop. Also it can recover and destroy data in case of laptop theft and more.

7. File shredder. Eraser deletes files irrecoverably. It is useful for regular cleanup as well as occasional cleanup before taking your laptop to an airport or a repair shop, and selling it to others.

This month's reader submitted article was submitted by: Eric L.

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